The “Reactive” Label.

So why no teeth ?
I’m tired of the pictures I see, that say reactive, then show dogs looking aggressive.

Question. 2020 Labels and Titles. (No right or wrong here, just ideas) How I currently think of this umbrella title is at the end of this short post.

I‘m looking for your ideas FB and cyberspace dog friends. Is there a better word than reactive to describe the mix of dogs that come under this umbrella title?

Reactive. Sensitive. Dogs that need extra support through all or part of their lives. Dog guardians that need to be observant, vigilant and pro active in order to give their dogs a quality life.
There are some really good FB support pages out there, that have “reactive” in the title. These pages support owners of dogs that react to sound, other dogs/people, movement and a whole host of other things.

Some of these pages are really well structured, as in, they have many modules to be read at the beginnings, that answer or give advise on all of the most commonly asked questions.
Plenty of admins to direct people to the appropriate module or to block discussion and answer vir message anything that little bit more complex than the norm.

They do a good job of supporting people whether that’s with a virtual pat on the back or some sound advise.

My view at this time.
I know the word “reactive” is frowned on by many in dog training circles.

Of course they are reacting to something all of the time, so are we all, but many use this term to loosely give an idea that a “reactive dog” (dog trainers street language) is sensitive in some way.

That could be visual, other dogs, men in wide brimmed hats, rubbish bins on the street.
Auditory, fireworks, gun shots, voices, hide or run for your life. It could be temporary or through the whole of the dogs life.
Frustration triggered up the first step by one of the first two, but restrained in some way by fence or lead.
Scent of other dogs that has already left the scene (I have experience of this one)

I see the term reactive as a big label on the front of a pallet, once unloaded by a fork lift, its full of boxes each with there own labels describing the content and appropriate warnings where necessary.

These labels can range from the most delicate, like glass that could shatter in the hand, to explosive that could blast off as the box is opened.
I’m genuinely interested to hear of other ideas. There is a vast world of caring dog owners, trainers and respected names in the dog world, that use this (dog trainer street language) label, and others that refuse to even discuss the word. Discussion and sharing is the way forward. in my view.

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