Labels in dog training

‘Labels’ seem to be the dog training ‘in topic’ at the moment.

Labels are put on the outside of the packaging, to give an idea of what is in the box fragile, flammable etc.
Is it really so difficult, to ask for a list of the individual contents.

The subject of ‘labels’ has come up a lot this year. In a podcast I listened to recently, the male being interviewed accused people of using labels to excuse their lack of training. Its to cover their embarrassment apparently.

No mention of different emotional states, history, or people that are probably working hard to improve the confidence and well-being of their dogs (most behaviours come back to confidence) People still need within their training or life circles to have a way to describe an emotional state or a behaviour they are working with.

Probably having chosen an umbrella word that give most people an idea of what they’re saying. Maybe they haven’t heard the latest ‘in’ tag words.

I think that teachers and trainers need to include to educate, but they can also exclude and divide with a few cutting words.

Rather than the ‘Labels’ war that’s doing the rounds, I feel there should be more discussion on, the best questions to asked to sort out the ingredients.

Otherwise it’s excluding those that need the help/guidance, and causes a kind of class divide, ‘if the words don’t fit you don’t belong here’

If the label really doesn’t fit, then help them find a more appropriate one. Don’t crush them or make them feel stupid or ignorant.

I don’t think anyone should be made to feel like they haven’t swallowed the right dictionary.
It’s not hard to ask, could you break that down for me? Describe what happens and in what situations?

There’s a ton of possible questions depending on the ‘label’ that could help put the light on.
But caution is needed here, now we have this behaviour broken down, dissected and we understand whats going on, well I suppose it needs ‘labelling’

It would be a good thing to have more groups, where different opinions can be put forward on subjects raised. Discussed in an open and honest manor, where people can share their different points of view on a subject, while remaining able to agree or disagree in a civil manor.

I rather feel so many people follow, going with the loudest voices and don’t question or share different opinions for fear of being squashed, but by doing this louder voices that have an army of followers, don’t get to hear other opinions either.

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